Thursday, 2 April 2015

Word Lust

She sits all alone in the corner of that library
Reading a world she wishes to slip into
One that's brighter than the one she lives in
One where lies are false and love is true.

She escapes into a world of words
Finds her place between each alphabet
And just as well as the words reach into her
She reaches in, and to the story takes herself near

She drowns into an ocean of thoughts that each new page brings
She allows every line to sink into her
Till the moment her heart stings

Stings to know she'll only have this
as long as she's looking into a book.
She'll only be happy when the words surround
As long as she allows herself the solitude of that nook

In her corner surrounded by words and readers alike
she found a place that brought peace of mind
where her demons preferred to sit quiet
and allow her, the word-hungry soul in her, to find

Her need for words to console and words to make whole
is a need that will never grow old
She falls between the pages when the world can't carry her anymore
She is cradled and nestled in the comfort of the pages, that just seem to know

In that spot in the library she's found more to life
Than she ever could elsewhere
She's a dreamer, a doer, possess a lust for words
The girl with a story to share

It is there she fell in love and stayed
There all her confessions made
Only pages of the books she read
Have seen her colors brighten and fade

They've seen her in her loneliness and also in her joy
She's turned to them for every overwhelming feeling
And every ass disguised as a boy

Those books will tell her story
To some young reader like her one day
The hearts shes drawn or the tears that stained pages
all will have something to say

The dog ears and crumples of pages over-read
All will tell the tale of the girl
who for anything other than her fictional world, never cared

In that world of fiction lies her heart
And there is where it chooses to stay
Who needs reality and all it's problems
when happiness is found in the unreal anyway.

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