Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Her Heart - His Muse

He's no prince, and he doubts how much he can charm
But his words he hopes, will do the trick, he knows they won't do harm
Words are all he can give for now, to woo a heart so dear
and maybe, just one day, his words will bring her near.

Oh to fall for a heart so pure
one who's only aim is to love
there is no sweeter feeling that this
A heart so big to write of

And write he will, of her heart still
of all it's beauty and flaws
a chaotic mind that's never unkind
She's a beautiful mess, in that little floral dress
a peace in the midst of wars

A heart with the fragrance of a rose
she drives him crazy, and away his woes
He's head over heels in love with her, 
obsessed, crazy, fool, and she knows.

She is a world of words but doesn't understand
why of all women, he wants to hold her hand
How in any way does he explain
A writer falls but once for a muse, 
and then, for her, again and again.

Every little thing she does is magic to him
every word from her lips, a sound of paradise
how can she not see what she means to him
it's written all over his notes, and surely she can see it in his eyes

She's a marvel, a gem like no other
She shines like the sun, the rarest star, rather
He's never wanted anything more
than to her, his appreciation, to always show

And when the stars align just right one day
He'll have the courage to write less, and finally say
"Be my muse forever dear heart,
be the one to stay"

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