Monday, 20 April 2015

Diamond In The Rough

I am tough, I am strong
I know where I belong
My life would be boring if nothing went wrong
I've seen challenges and built walls
I've jumped hurdles, big and small
I've had it tough, and at times it's been easy
The hardest part, is among fakes, to be me
But I've done it, and it empowers
I've made it, through every trying hour
I've been hit, thrown to the ground
Betrayed and lied to, new enemies found
But I've stepped ahead, away from that non sense
got rid of an ego that always took offense
I have a heart that's big, and that was always taken for granted
It prides it's enormity, but now, it's more guarded
I am un-defeatable, and indestructible
yet impossible and insatiable
I am a force to be reckoned with
Made of love, and strength, every bit
I hide away sometimes to reconstruct
My motos and principles to concoct
To build myself all over again
and in the process lost many a friend
I've changed, evolved
learned new things while the earth revolved
I've had sleepless nights, and endless fights
and even lefts problems unsolved
what does all of this make me?
Nothing special actually
Just like you, I am human too
I know where I belong
I am tough, I am strong

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