Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Eternal she will stay in every word he's written
Immortal will be her memory
even when she's gone
The world will know
what beauty is when personified
Everyone will read instead of see
The woman that'll always be
A writer alone can give life to death
His words will savor her memory
years and years when no one may care
his words, about her, will share
the world will know there once existed
a woman with beauty, one that words never did justice to
yet tried. and tried hard.
It is seen that he tried. For a heart.
She may have never been his
but he wrote none the less
for even if she couldn't be his own, his words were
and always stayed, alive, known.
She will live, Forever in his words.
Eternal she will be
Always alive, Never a memory.

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