Sunday, 20 September 2015

Worry When She Stops

You liked it.
You liked her worry every day,
it's what kept you ashore, kept you at bay
but then you took that care for granted,
made one, small, silly mistake.
Now she's indifferent towards you,
from you, she's walked away.
It's when she has stops caring, that you should worry
it's when she stops checking on you, that you should fear.
For then it means you've pushed the limit,
you've left her thinking you're weak, dear.
You've driven her to a point where she can have no hope,
you've showed her you're no different then the rest.
For as long as you had her poking her nose into your business,
you had someone who cared enough to tell you to stop.
But now, you're alone and she's given up.
She saw enough.
She's got better things to do, than look after you.
Now is when it hurts the most,
when she's sailing away, leaving you at the coast.
All those times you shunned her away,
when all she tried to do was help you stay.
You see it now, but its too late.
she was different, kind, and so rare
she was one among none who actually cared.

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