Tuesday 13 September 2016


You're used to me now,
so used to me.
You don't even see half the things you mean to me.
You've begun to take for granted,
the seeds of trust we planted,
The ones that sadness rains over,
the very same that I now hope
brings luck of a 3 leaf clover.
I've turned as obsolete as your phone wallpaper,
pretty for the world to see,
but used just to drop the necessities
so that their easy to reach,
I don't remember the last time you cared,
to ask about my day.
I do remember however,
sharing anyway.
We used to be the ocean
calm though blue.
Every ripple and wave we lived through,
pushing each other along,
Amidst the merciless winds of a storm, strong.
I've become now,
a sense of a falling character-graph,
that part in a novel,
when you watch a lead slip away,
when its nightfall and he doesn't want to see the day.
This charade we have, it's all just swordplay.
It's about strategy and love
and the decisions we pick and choose.
One of us will hurt the other,
But both of us will surely lose.

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