Monday, 5 September 2016


If Love and Timing were the best of friends
you'd still be my miracle when the day ends
we would never have to wait for love
or give up on it's magic
we would never have to end up
with an aching heart and a love-story just as tragic
You and I could be the smell of spring after a cold winter spell
you could be the love story I'd alter into a fairy-tale to tell.
If Love and Timing were the best of friends
love stories wouldn't require amends
You would be mine, no matter the year, no matter the time
regardless of every person that stood in our way
and every obstacle-filled day
No matter if you were right for me
no matter all I left behind for you
no matter if I said the right words
though at the wrong time.
For even the wrong words deserve a chance at a rhyme
If Love and Timing were the best of mates
you and I wouldn't have to blame our fates
for holding us apart and teasing the heart
you and I could have been closer at the start
before we cursed destiny and powers above
before we gave up on ever falling in love
If Love and Timing could just get along
you and I could be where we belong.
You and I could stop being wrong. 

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