Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Oh, you're like the good kind
The strong kind, the kind that leaves a bitter taste on my tongue
But a sweetness in my soul
For it allows me to feel you, loud and bold
Your skin, your gaze, your life-giving embrace
You're the kind that leaves me in a daze
Just a sip of your lips, my addictive craze
And I'm drunk on a taste of divine love and lust
The kind that breaks my walls down and allows me to trust
That for once,
I'm not being unreasonable for going under the influence
For once, I'm dizzy at the mercy of your perfection
I'm feeling things 10 times their origin
And seeing things in triple a vision
And I swear I haven't drank at all today
Not a sip not a shot, just not.
But you're buzzing through my veins
And I hear my heart over the rains.
My sight is blurry but my focus is right
You're the only vision I care for in this stary night
My legs are wobbling,
incapable of walking straight
They just keep leading me down your street
Until I'm standing on your porch,
with nothing to do but wait.
I'm high on a soul, a soul that's beautiful
Amazing, addictive and kind
Minx extraordinaire, I can't get her off my mind
I'm drunk on the idea of us being more
I'm drunk on a soul I wish to know.

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