Thursday, 18 August 2016

Dark Horse

Life had been unfair quite often
but she wore her heart on her sleeve
and her lips donned a grin
she battled each day with a hope to win.
Challenges foreshadowed her,
but nothing could deter,
that dragon heart inside her warrior soul
the one that grew stronger with every year she grew old,
With words for swords and rational thinking- her shield,
there was not a war she hadn't ruled the field.
Conqueror by day, dreamer by night,
This fairy tale slayer chased fireflies too bright.
She had a calmness about her,
a purity, rich and white,
but in those lonely hours of a still night.
She would think about the things
life liked to throw onto her path.
Things that left scars on her soul,
and deep wounds in her heart.
Only when she was sure no one was looking,
when no one would suspect a storm was cooking,
the thunder would rage within her,
and the clouds she had for eyes,
would break like the rain falls from the skies.
she would mourn for all the lies
ever told, and all the truth untold
she was a crying mess
believing no one could care less
and to her pillow at night
she'd quietly confess
it was human of her, to feel fear
but she couldn't show the world
she didn't want to be the weak little girl.
She was no quitter,
and definitely not a sore loser.
Tomorrow was gonna be another day
another new beginning,
some more challenges to come her way,
so she closed her eyes, and with it the day.
Letting the tears stay on her cheeks,
while she continued to pray,
that all of her demons and beasts
she may bravely slay,
But tonight, tonight she wishes to be whisked away
by dreams of happy endings and easier days.
Young little warrior,
keep fighting away.
You will rise above the hate soon,
you will have your crown,
you will have your way.

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