Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Once we were something
something beautiful skimming the lines of perfect
once we were almost broken, almost wrecked
once we sat together and tried to mend
this broken world's ideas of love
once we laughed our lungs out and learned from our silliness
we wrote and shared and wrote again
and to passing time stayed oblivious.
Once you were my 3 am call
and I was your chi, your safe fall
once, with you here, nothing else mattered,
nothing at all
Once, you danced your way into my mind
and I worded through your soul
Once, we said we'd never grow old.
Once, we were warming hearts that had vowed to stay cold.
Once upon another time,
you allowed me to hold your hand in mine,
and we ran towards a gush of infinity
life hitting us in the face
taking our breaths away
leaving us with so much to say
and yet no words needed.
And when we finally slowed down,
we uttered not a sound,
yet the noise between us
stayed evident and profound.
We breathed deeply, and smiled
lives later we sat on a bench
surrounded by many
but caring only for one another
we breathed deeply, and smiled
you've always been the breath I love inhaling
every once in a while.

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