Thursday, 30 April 2015

Super Being

There used to be a creature
with a heart warmer than any
she lived for others and selflessly gave
she touched but hearts too many
there lived a fire within her
that burned and drove her wild
she wished only to give love
and constantly spread a smile
she was mad they said
crazy and obsessed too
they didn't know she gave and lost
she exhausted the flame within her
every time she colored the blue.
For every heart she touched,
she sacrificed a part of her own
she cared not about what she was losing
her sacrifice remained unknown
whoever in the world had taught her to give
had never taught her to expect in return
and so, little by little
the fire only grew and burned
burned her inside
but she stopped for no one
love was hers to give
a duty she gave herself for as long as she lived
unconditional, sacrificial,
beauty in a heart
blessing to the world
no one ever knew the sadness she did
all her insecurities, lay under a lid
she loved, and hid behind all the love she gave
hoping, that if not herself, at least some others she could save
she exists, she is out there, saving lives one heart at a time
she is still mad, crazy and obsessed too
yet her insanity makes her beautiful,
her sanity slipping as she keeps giving
But for the sake of others, she keeps living.
Selfless I call her, this super natural being,
fictitious as she may sound, she is worth believing.

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