Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Quest of a Lifetime

Beauty beyond words she is
Love, passion, intellect and his
She knows not what a change she's brought
To a life that between loneliness and crowds was caught

She smiles at the ground sometimes when he's around
Too shy to let him see
He knows all to well they're falling hard
Diving hard and fast into love's sea

She's outspoken, generous and so special to him
He can't begin to describe how much
She'll never know how much he cares
He wants to show her through every kiss and touch

She's an enigma to him
A mystery he can't bring himself to understand
How any human could have the power
To invade a heart of a man.

He ponders how he never thought he'd get here
How she was never part of his plan
But now his life's about loving her
And forever holding her hand.

Shes a blessing in disguise
Sent for him to love
And who is he to not appreciate
a gift sent from above?

He'll forever stand in awe of her
And forever be by her side
He'll move mountains for her
Maybe even change the tides

He's determined to give her nothing less
Than the love he knows she deserves
He'll give her love in all ways he can
Appreciate all her edges and curves.

And every other dimension of her
He wishes to know by-heart
So that he can one day vow to her at the front of the aisle
"Till death do us part"

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