Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Be Well

Be well dear child
Be well soon
you are a light to this dark world
brighter than noon
Get rid of the people that hold you down
Push out those insecurities that make you frown
Be well dear
Be well and fine
For you are but a blessing to all mankind
Breathe in only the good
and let go of the rest
You deserve nothing but the world's best
for it is you that shines
your soul made up of glitter
the sparkle in your eyes
testimony to your glow
what I see in you, I want the world to know.
you can close in all you want
you can drown deep in every taunt
but the truth will live on,
you are a star of the morn
and the beauty of the dusk
the euphoria of sweet musk
the hope of dawn
Be well and Be new
you are more than you know
and definitely more than you show
be well, be your best
Be You
I love You.

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