Friday, 3 April 2015

Heart A-Part

They were two different people, Too young to ever know.
She was more, He either didn't know, or didn't show
She was everything. He ignored.
She gave him her heart, He threw a dart
He shot like a pro, He didn't know
She was his target at first
But now things had gotten worse
It hurt, it pained her
He was breaking everything they were
He wasn't the same
She felt like a game
He played around and thought it cool
He should have seen she was no fool
He thought she'd always be there
and took for granted her love
She saw right through his immaturity
and decided to rise above
She walked away and gave him no say
She'd see to him another day
Her heart was better than a thing of play
She knew she'd hurt, but she'd be okay
Walking away seemed the hardest part
but he never really deserved her sweet heart
She should have seen it from the very start
He wasn't one to ever be smart
Two different worlds they'd been
Two different loves they'd seen
Things and people change
She feared their love had turned strange
Excuses and lies
Forced conversations and 'whys'
Either she had changed or he did
but she knew it was time to call it quits
And quit was what she did in the end
Hoping to call him, at least a friend
anything more just proved to show
They were two different people, Too young to ever know.

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