Sunday, 19 April 2015

Can I Lay By Your Side

I wish to lay beside you right now
Wherever in the world you are
and gaze upon a shooting star
and while you're eyes are closed
and you're making a wish too far-fetched
I want to watch your crinkled eyes
as they remained shut tight
and your sweet lips, into a sweet smile, they stretch
I want to lay beside you, and maybe hold your hand
I don't care if we're on a rooftop, or maybe warm sand
wherever we may be, I want you next to me
I need nothing more than your company
To calm my racing thoughts
and if all you'll do is lay next to me
I assure you, I'll tell you lots
I'll tell you how I prefer your eyes over the stars
and how you're a better thrill than racing cars
How the sound of  your breathing is more calming than music
and how even in our silence, our hearts, in harmony they click
I'll shut my mouth too, if that's what you prefer
I'm as good a listener as I am a 'train of thought' talker
What I'd give right now to lay next to you
and share the same air you reside in
Just to be near is all I ask
Tell me dear, why should that even be a task
But Distance has the better of us
He's got us all far and alone
he's getting on my nerves now
I wish that you would just come home
Tell Distance to eat dirt
while across seas your skirt
come lay down by my side
and we'll watch the shooting stars go by.