Saturday, 18 April 2015

Let Me Tell You A Secret

There is something about the forbidden
Something intriguing about the hidden
Whatever's kept behind wraps,
is never allowed to stay there long
Out in the open is where it wants to belong.
Lies, Deceit, all of it lay beneath
Covered by our pride, and given a place to hide.
Secrets we all have, stored away in the dark
the dark of our souls, hoping they'll stay till we're old
but even Secrets grow restless
they have a mind of their own
sooner or later they creep out
and along with it, they bring the company of doubt
Secrets wish to feel the light and warmth we all enjoy
they eventually want to be more than just an evil ploy
Secrets have a heart too,
they want nothing more than to ruin you
Every secret in the world
will one day unfurl
and every thing you've tried to hide
will come out stronger than the tide
Some secrets we believe are better left in the dark
for we know, when revealed, will leave a nasty mark
And then there are some for whom revelation is their destiny
Secrets that are to be told, for they cause brilliant epiphanies
There is something scary about knowing a secret
You never know before hand what it will do
Secrets come in all sizes and colors
You can never know, if once you're let in, your life will be lit, or made duller.
Secrets can hold you hostage, while allowing you to live free
Yet one day, they'll bring you down, while the world gathers to see
As you read everything I've just said
You're thinking about your darkest one yet
hold it, like a friend, closer and closer to you
One day, it'll be the worst enemy you've ever met.

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