Saturday, 11 April 2015

With A Heavy Heart

Be not so far away, dear heart
think not about the miles apart
stay close to me, wherever you wander
Be my comfort in the storms and thunder
Stay brave and daring and forever passionate
And all that love, forever let it resonate
Touch hearts, every single one you find
But not like me, not like you touched mine
Call me selfish and very unkind
But dear heart, you've taken over me, body, soul and mind
Every cloud away you go
love will follow, love will grow
Love will be your guardian angel
love will keep you near, I know
Dear heart, worry not about this meek one,
I am but a fighter, battles like this, won.
Won’t ever show it, don’t even know it
But for you, sweet heart, I’ll chase the sun.
Distance does some cruel things
challenges a love and all it’s worth
but in the end it sweetens the tie
fans a fire that makes a heart- a home and hearth
Go, dear heart, and do your thing,
shine and let your passion sing.
Be you in all you do
And to you, this heart will always cling.
Distance got nothing on us I say
I’ll love you across seas, and miss you in every way
Come back soon, whenever be that day
Come home, dear love, Come home to stay.

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