Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Scariest Part is Letting Go

The scariest part is letting go.
When something you've held on to so very close to you
wants nothing more than to be let loose,
you're left with nothing but 'hurt' to choose.
It'll break you, and tear you apart
and it'll hit you, where it hurts most in your heart
To let loose of the ties you so carefully bound
will seem like the last thing you ever want to get around.
You will have no say. To hold on, there will be no way.
All you can do, is hope to run into it again someday.
You can, for now, only pray
that when that day comes around, you'll have the strength to stay,
stay calm and know you've survived
and it was just one of those cruel moments of your life.
You'll be stronger then, trust me,
it may even seem easier after a while.

But in the hope that'll it'll get better, don't give up before you try
and for your hearts sake, never hold in a cry.
If it hurts, show it, express it, don't let the tears run dry.
If your heart aches, and your knees grow weak,
and if you've already been through a losing streak
You know all too well Change is inevitable.
How I wish someone had warned us, someone had been kind
to tell us what a bad taste love and loss leaves behind.

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