Thursday, 2 April 2015


When One called, the other answered
One reached, the other held
One caught the other when they fell
One kept the secret, the other had to tell
One filled every space the other felt within
One loved the other, through thick and through thin
One brought a smile when the world brought the tears
One fought the demons that brought on the fears
One stayed strong for the weaker of the two
and One kept their love alive and true
While One screamed the other did too
and then they cried together painting over the blues
One smiled and the other grinned
One took control and the other gave in
One called the other out on any fault made
One saw to it, their love would never fade
One put the pieces together, when brokenness took over
One got drunk on love while the other seemed sober
One gave everything to let the other know
That One they would be and forever it would show
One is who they are, whether near or far
One is what they'll be no matter the scars
One Through the heat and the cold
and even when the thunder sounds bold
One heart made of two, united in every season
One person to live for, One love, One reason.
Two they say is better than One
But I believe Two are only better when they can be One.

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