Friday, 13 March 2015

Under His Wings

A tiny little angel, a miracle they were sure
Robbed of a love so sweet and pure
Robbed of a parent at an age so very young
A song of grief, too early was sung
You'd think nothing would be missed
When, by her father's love, she'd never been kissed.
But dont judge this angel before you know
She's a warrior in her own story, a brave heart and more
Like the most of us, life didn't spare her at all
Life tried to bring her down, caused her to fall
Broken wings and a wounded soul, heaven was her call
She fought it, and fought it well, stood strong and tall
For an angel who's had to make her way
Through the lonliest of moments and roughest of days
She turned out to be quite a fine dame
An apple in her mother's eyes, pride to her family's name
She's beautiful, kind and generous with the love she has to give
She's ruling her world, living to let live
She's got the world on a string wrapped tight on her finger
Queen of her own heart. Daughter, friend and singer
She's filled with an energy that outshines the stars
Radiates an aura that fills every acquainted heart
An angel like her, who faced a rough start
Grown up to be, of my life and many more, a significant part.
She thinks he's missed so much of her life
That his absence was a loss more than what Death intended
She doesnt know he's been by her side
He's been the wings that help her fly
For all those times when life weighed her down
He'd sent his grace to shake her ground
To settle the worry and make her strong
To make good her insecurities and right the wrong
She thinks he doesnt know her, if he does he wouldn't be proud
She fails to see the army of angels he's got looking down upon her with him
A loud, applauding crowd
She misses him dearly, of his love she sings
An angel that trods earth, under her father's protective wings

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