Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Women can be loud, and she was as loud as they can get. Literally. Music master, yet noise maker, my best friend and sister from another mister, the one my twin-sister and I fondly call our ‘triplet’ is the woman who has personified ‘optimism’ for me. 
And through this blog, I wish to share with you just how.

She was just like your average neighborhood girl, only, she wasn’t. She was different, in a way that only I would understand. The girl had a heart that ruled stronger than her brain. Her emotions took the reins in hand and pulled and pushed her around until she learned all that she could from love and life by the age of 17. It is this control of her heart over the rest of her that has probably taken her where she is today, and has made her an inspiration in my eyes, a woman of substance, a slave to her heart’s desires and dreams.

Anyone in their right minds would say the heart always has its desires, not all of them are practical. I tell you, if your hearts in the right place, you can make any dream come true. This I’ve learned from my little triplet. She showed me, that ultimately, the heart wants what it wants and when it does, nothing can stop it. Her heart flew her continents away from me 2 years ago, and yet, I am in complete awe of her.

In the two years that she has been away in a new country, a new culture, a new college, a new group of friends, she has seen the struggle that life can be. She’s broken down, and cried, and then picked herself up again because ultimately, the heart wants what it wants. And so she fought. She fought every obstacle that came her way, and is still battling it out on that field to show the world she is more than just 'a girl ruled by her heart'. She is ruled by her need to be more. And that in itself drives her to always look ahead, to #LookUp to the possibilities and to the chances that she can make her dreams come true.

She is no superwoman, but she is a hero in her own novel, a fighter in the rink of life, a violinist composing a symphony one shaky note at a time, a singer who’s words sometimes get caught in her throat, a dancer who’s steps aren't pre-determined. She isn’t perfect, but she’s living one day at a time, and to the greatest of her ability. She’s working hard for her heart and to give it what it wants.

She is who I look up to, because she turned from being the girl who over-procrastinated, never attended most of her classes and never did her homework, to someone who is overly aware of her classes, works a part time job, and sits for hours together, writing and rewriting essays until they’re perfect so as to meet college application deadlines.

She’s no longer that average neighborhood girl anymore. Today, in my eyes, she is a woman who owns her life and every move she makes in it. She is my heart.

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