Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My Friend, In Words

Words have always been my friend. You’d call them a mere medium of expression, but to me they’re much more. When inspiration hits, my brain possibly conjures up 2000 words a minute. And inspiration has a habit of coming to me when I least expect it.

Words are my weapon when I need to stand up, words are my tool when I need to fix something, words are my bridge over troubled waters, words are my only companion when loneliness sets in, words become my friend and enemy when relationships get rough, words are my forte, my love, my bluff.

Words played on my mind and danced around my brain for hours together, nagging me to be let out, to be put down on paper, or expressed out in some way or the other. And voila, my blog was born. I saw a change in me, a change caused through passion; passion for expression and an artsy way of doing it. Writing has become more than a recreational activity for me. My blog has turned into a go-to place for me, when I simply have something to say to no one in particular.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I used to keep these words in, trapped within the confines of my head and never let them out. But there was a time when I decided it’s about time I just say what needed to be said, I no longer cared if anyone was listening. I needed to express myself, and I needed to do it my way. That decision was one that allowed me to #StartANewLife

Today, I’m a creative writer that uses words to express myself in a unique way. I write poetry, and therefore, decorate my words more than necessary. Every piece I write has a story of its own, and every word may not be taken at face value. I am able to convey to my readers several messages through a poem, depending on how they interpret it, and all of this, only because I choose to say what I need to say, irrelevant of whether anyone is listening.

I am a self-proclaimed writer. Words are my strength. Words probably flow faster through my veins than they do through the ink of a pen. And it is my aim to inspire more writers to embrace this passion for words that they sometimes keep to themselves. You may never know when, from the 1000 words that dance around your head per minute, one may be able to touch someone’s life.

Say what you need to say, let your words take over sometimes because they deserve that much, to be free.

#StartANewLife, express yourself, speak your mind,
Write a story or a rhyme,
Now is better than any other time.

And if words are not your thing, but a new home is, #StartANewLife with Look Up, Housing

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