Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Let's Go Digital

In a country whose population largely consists of youth, we are a nation that’s young, passionate and constantly moving ahead. The digital life is catching on faster than expected and today, almost every task that can be done by humans can be achieved digitally too.  Why then should governance be left behind?

E-governance in my opinion can open up windows to a nation that is finding it so hard to breathe. The claustrophobic feeling when it comes to dealing with any government related task can be done away with, if things were made completely digital. Digitalizing government processes could mean quick, efficient, convenient redressal systems for any issue brought up by the citizens.

Our country was brought out of chains to become a democratic republic, one that gives the people the first say. Our government is ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’, thus, what better way to put that into practice, and I mean really implement that, than to involve what the digital age has to offer us.

Imagine our country, throwing all of this banning hype to the backseat for a while, and focusing on this vision of a digital India, a vision that if materialized, could prove revolutionary for a country like ours that has been seen by the world lately as unmoving. If only we could channelize all of this negative energy and throw it into creating an E-governance platform, we wouldn't have to face any of the issues we’re facing today with regards to snail speed redressal, citizen services, information about reforms and policies and the like. Procedures that took ages to get done manually can be taken care of digitally with the help of e-governance.

All it takes is a smart plan to achieve a #DigitalIndia, a plan that empowers people and not solely the governing authorities. With a vision to use innovation in technology, e- governance can have far reaching effects. Power to the people will finally be something the citizens will actually see, be put into action. I believe that if Technology can change our nation, we can become a democratic republic in the truest sense.

An e-governance platform could prove to be a perfect place for the government to collaborate with the people clearly and thus, reach every nook and corner of India that is screaming to be heard. A digital platform could be the answer to rebuilding the face of India, giving our country and it’s governance a completely new look, fresh and modern, and hopefully, it will push elements that hold us back from developing, out of the way.

This vision of a #DigitalIndia needn't have to be just a vision. With the right resources and the right mindset, we could be catapulted into a world of opportunities and soon, become the nation we dream to be. All it takes is an idea, and a passion to make it happen.

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