Monday, 9 March 2015


You are my treasure
A jackpot worth more than all
More than silver gold, or anything old
You are my prize, standing proud and tall

You are the sound of a sea shell
That echoes the sounds of home
You carry in your heart, a music of love
My ears are keen to know

You are the beauty of a dew drop
Sitting on an idle leaf
When the sun shines through you
You shine for the world to see

You are the sound of the vibes
When fingers strum over strings
Who needs music and lyrics
When you start to sing

You are the look of every angel there probably is
Halo or no halo, you are my every wish
Arms that circle around me to love
Youre a blessing from the heavens above

You are the colors of a rainbow
All seven of them in the sky
When dark clouds move out of the horizon
It's you that brings the smile

You are the sweet smell of victory
A feeling of accomplishment and pride
You make a winner out of one who has nothing
You are her secret refuge to hide

You are the words when this writer can't write
Her inspiration and amuse
No writers block has hit her clock
You've put her words to use

You are as cool as ice against skin
On a hot summers day of May
Whatever the climate may be,
You give me a fever that loves to stay

Your lips are like red velvet
A dessert so rich and wild
I could kill for a kiss from you each day
Be it passionate or mild

You are warm as a blanket on a cold winters night
Wrapped around me like a second skin
You invade my dreams, and heart within
You are a sight for sore eyes

A treat unlike anyone I've seen
A source of music for my heart to sing
All my life, where have you been?

Raindrops and music and rainbows and treasure
None could compare to the miracle of you
You're my favorite thing that I'll love for always
To you I'll be forever true.

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