Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Best 'Together'

Sometimes it's takes you years and years to properly know a person, to understand them, their personalities, their views, the principles they stand for, their weaknesses and strengths, their likes and dislikes and the whole package. And then there’s sometimes, when all it takes is a month to do the same. I've experienced both these types of friendships, and trust me, the latter one, can amuse you.

In a month’s time, not only have I found a friend who insists she camps out in my heart, (and who may actually just move in there permanently) but also a confidant. In a month’s time we've probably learned more about each other than we expected. And it fascinates me, how you can know so much about a person from their moments of happiness, testimonies and trials in life!

She challenges me every day to be better than I was yesterday. She’s constantly pushing me forward, and she doesn't even know it. She teases and taunts and all in good humor, but it works. It works for me. She’s exactly what my life needed at this point of time in my journey, and I think she’s my one way ticket towards the right destination. With her constant motivation, I've found I’m drowning in an ocean of inspiration.

I've had really close friends before, but none as frank, modest, daring and passionate as her. Time spent with her is like walking around with a novel. I’m glued to her story and to whatever she has to share, and just like the characters of a good novel, I get emotionally invested so easily; I am drawn to learn more from her relationships and loved ones.

Together, our lives have gotten so mixed up in each others that there is nothing we don’t already know about the other. Together, we've built a friendship that’s unbreakable. There have been moments when I've thought to myself 'it’s too good to be true, no friendship built in such a short time can last long', but our togetherness has proven time and again, that this is different. She’s a keeper, of that I’m sure. She is a force to be reckoned with, an angel by my side and something tells me, she’ll stay that way for a long time.

A friendship like this only proves and stands testimony to the fact that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to finding a true friend. You can never know if someone you only just met today, may tomorrow, be your only shoulder to lean on. Go out of your way, make new friends, build stronger relationships. They will only ever do you good. Togetherness has never harmed anyone.

In a month, #together, we've dug deep into each other’s life, deep enough to never be able to climb back out. And who wants to climb back out anyway? We’re happy where we are, and if anything, we’ll fall deeper, together.

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