Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Three Love-eteers

A friend he’d never known, like the friendship between him and her had grown
They shared their lives like they filled a diary, pages that were wounded and torn
All their baggage and life’s weight, was now not a burden too heavy to hold
In each other, their trusts were entrusted, a move they made confidently and bold.

She was his everything. He loved her with all his heart and wished to woo her in every way
She was his lover, his universe, his sun for 11 months along with May
It was no secret he loved her dearly, a truth no one needed to be told
He loved her unconditionally, heart, body, mind and soul

She found herself at gun’s point one day, a little adventure gone horribly wrong
He came out of nowhere and stood before her, said it’s where he belonged
And the trigger was pulled before she could tell him he didn’t have to
He gave his life, for the woman for whom his love was always true.

I write an anecdote like this one, to explain to you 3 types of love
Philia stands for brotherly love, a friendship that holds strong
Eros is for the romantics, with a love like that nothing can go wrong
Agape is unconditional, sacrificial, God's kinda love, lets you belong.

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