Friday, 6 March 2015

His Unsolved Mystery

She'll lift you off the ground 
when the worlds pulling you down
A cloud beneath you, the wind beneath your wings
Her strength remarkable, as beautiful as her melody when she sings

She'll surround and encompass
And fill you with inspiration and really, 
she doesn't even need the universe's conspiration

She's a mystery, a puzzle you can't seem to solve
you hold the pieces in your hand but can't seem to make the perfect picture of them, 
And yet when you try to place them all intro of you, try and push the corners and sides in
This puzzle seems to be a secret you can't ever win

But you will collect every piece of her you can, 
learn every piece by heart
One day you will put it together
Make sense, of why you, she's a part.

Soon you wish to understand 
what exactly was the Lords plan
When He forced her into your hand
And made you fall harder than any man

The mystery of her lies in 'not knowing'
Not knowing what draws you near and keeps you there
What makes you crave her and what makes you care

To break it down and make it clear
Is what I want to achieve
the mystery of her plays on in your head
it's a mystery that's become a part of you, one that will never leave

you wanna know her like the back of your hand
Inside out, you will study her every tone and tan
You want to dig deeper, give every wound a kiss
And somehow make it better, appreciate who she is

You want to know her secrets, the story behind every smile and tear
You want to know the reason for every relationship she holds dear
She looks to you like a miracle, a blessing carved to perfection
Thus she make you curious, she need no change or correction.

But then again there is a part of you that's happy without knowing
happy where you are and happy with where you're going

That part of you has an irrational fear 
That solving the mystery might take her away
So it's that part of you that won't break this down easily and insists she will stay.

The mystery of her is what intrigues you and drives you to love
The mystery of her is pure, beautiful, white as a dove
you wish to decode her in every possible way
To know her wholly and love her more each day.

She is a mystery and you want her to be yours forever 
with every new clue you learn about her 
You'll know and you'll decide what makes her the one
You'll solve the mystery of her, when her heart completely you've won.

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