Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Love We Could Not Give

Three young girls met one early morn, two years ago today.
Two mourned and cried. One confessed that she lied
They had no more to say
They had let an angel get away

She had slipped through their fingers when they weren't looking
Frail and delicate she slid easily through
They held eachother now for any form of strength
The cracks in their hearts, now frail and new.

To lose a piece of themselves was something unexpected.
To be broken down into pieces thereafter was something they foresaw.
They broke each other and tried not to mend,
Their cold freezing hearts refusing to thaw
They hated the hearts, their own, that had despised a friend

Their mouths were bitter-
A bad taste of guilt and grief.
They weren't the noose that took her
But could just as well be.
They consoled one another
Tried atleast
To be strong and take no blame
She wouldn't ever play that game

They tried to make sense of it
To get into her head from that moment so tough
To see things as she did
When the tide got so engulfing and rough
They couldn't fathom it
And not even for once, would they ever try to let go of her love

They parted then to leave for home
To prepare themselves for the moment of heartbreak
To let go of a friend to the earth she came from
To Sing to the beauty, dressed in a white as pale as her skin
To leave her, set her free, push her up to heaven

It is there that she sought refuge
It is there, that her inherited love, she will win.

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