Saturday, 14 March 2015


He woke up this morning and looked at her
Traced an invisible line along her jaw, set so perfectly
Her features, relaxed and so natural, so her.
She has no idea he’s watching.
Her expressionless face speaking more to him than ever before
In the resting of her eyes and lips and the calm of her sweet cheeks
He can read a part of her she never shows the world
For it is only times like these when she’s unaware of his thoughts
That he can take a moment to appreciate her instead of the other way around.
The other way around is what she loves to do all the time.
But today she is asleep, and staring at your soul mate can’t be a crime

There was a time in her life when her breath was taken away
Mind you there is no romance in this phrase
Snatched away from her was her source of life
Taken ruthlessly, right before her eyes.
She saw herself slipping, felt her soul sink
Knows what it’s like to be pushed to the brink
She clawed and struggled and held on for help
But the pleas voiced only in her head,
No sound left her lips, no plea, no yelp
Trapped inside herself, she cried
Worried more of her parents grief if she died
She reached out, needing warmth to hold
Fortunately, a hand, there was one,
One for her, who stayed strong and bold
Betrayal like this she’d never known
To be abandoned by your very own
Life. Life that usually ran through her veins
Was suddenly the cause of a destructive pain
Her chest clenched, an ache no romance novel could decorate
This was real, destroying, a test of fate
Like knives that all chose to stab a sweet spot
Her chest ached as it sank and as her breath caught
For all of two seconds her eyes feel upon
That sweet string of beads, the ones she used to pray on
In all that pain and inability to speak
She pictured only her parents, and how they’d hate to see her weak
She vowed to the lady whose face headed the string of beads
She would fight this, whatever it was, even if it was her last deed
For even if it was really time for the heavens to take her above
She wasn’t going to leave without, her parents knowing her love.

He leaned in and kissed her sleeping face
Thankful for the strength and courage she had kept in place
He wishes he’d been there on that nightmare of a day
To hold her hand and say “baby, stay”
He is grateful nevertheless for the heart within her
That continuously shows the world her strength
And then of course there’s that love she gives so freely
The one, to share, she’d go to all lengths.
He can’t help but admire, in her, that fire
The one that ignites a love so true
A spark that touches, a good kind of burn for every life she’s known
A mark that she leaves, of passion un- fathomable and deeply sown
A tear falls from his eye when he thinks he could have lost her
Lost the wonder of her, the queen of his heart
Lost his significant other, his ‘till death do us part’
He didn't realize, but the warmth of his tear
Brought her to the morn, and she shifted near
She said “What is it? what’s got you up so early dear?”
He said “You. You take my breath away all the time I fear”
He leaned in and kissed her lips so sweet
She gave back to him, like always, a breathless kiss to keep.

His heart swelled, a feeling no romance novel could decorate
This was real, awakening, a blessing from fate.

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