Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pay Attention

The secret is to pay attention.
to watch every move,
and learn her groove,
to observe and learn,
her love, to earn.
To listen more than talk
to learn the way she walks.
Is it lazy? is it rushed?
how badly has her heart been crushed?
Notice the small things,
the way she laughs,
and the times she doesn't.
Notice what gets her quiet
and what gets her ranting nineteen to the dozen.
Take a moment to only watch,
when she doesn't realize you're looking.
Study the lines on her face when she's
reading, or sleeping, or even cooking.
There's so much to know
from the things she doesn't show
and all the things she doesn't say.
Read into her anyway,
You may not be able to read her mind,
but learn her right
and a deep connection you'll find.
Save yourself the apprehension,
The secret is to pay attention.

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