Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Real Deal

You could read all those fancy deep quotes about love and think you understand.
You could listen to lyrics of the most romantic love songs ever known to man.
You could read poems and plays and watch movies that promise 'always',
And still never know if love stays.
You could watch your friends go through heart break, only to fall again another time.
You could watch lovers express in rhyme.
But you will still not understand love and it's crime.
Love will come to you in its unexpected time.
And it'll shake the earth beneath your feet
It will drown you and desert you
And make you break before you wake
And smell the roses
And I suppose this
is how it must feel.
It must feel honest,
frustrating and real.
Love will be terrifying and fixing
and all levels of pain
Love will drive you completely insane.
But to my descriptions,
pay no heed
I am but only another mislead.
Love is to be felt and to be given,
Not to be expressed and well written.
Love is a metaphor for feeling everything and nothing at all
When loves dials,
I hope you have a great fall

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