Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Living To Love You

Loving you comes naturally to me,
like how it takes no thought for a bird to sit on a tree
Loving you needs no text to study.
You are a book in yourself,
quite like the read I love on a Sunday afternoon.
Loving you requires no night sky or bright moon.
I can love you just the same under the bright blue sky,
lit up by the sun.
Loving you is like sitting by the fireplace on a cold winters night,
warmth and good vibes all in one.
Loving you can be a task,
especially when that wall you hide behind stands strong,
your refuge, your protective mask.
Loving you is battling every negative emotion I can conjure.
It makes me think of how I can't think.
and how you're the only cure.
Loving you is as natural as a blink,
involuntary, necessary and the right amount of rest.
Loving you can be a mess,
chaos in my heart causing pain in my chest.
But loving you, is the best I can do,
because you stand out from the rest,
Loving you, comes easily to me.
I know no other love as extraordinary as this.
Loving you is as easy as a touch
and as awakening as a kiss.
Loving you is what I've come to miss.

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