Friday, 20 November 2015

Soul to Soul

Be careful when you lay your heart open to someone. You give them a power over you. You offer them your weaknesses to hold and the knowledge of everything that could break you or make you.
One in a million will resist the urge to use your weaknesses against you, one in a million will be aware of the power they have over your heart and not take advantage of it, one in a million will see you at your worst and stay instead of run, one in a million will know that behind that facade of strength and happiness is a struggling soul just making it through.
That one in a million will need you as much as you need them. And it will be that interdependence that'll push you both ahead. We are all weak and insignificant, we pale in comparison to the universe and the challenges it throws at us each rotation the earth takes.
We need a soul to hold our own together when our own hearts threaten to tear us apart. Souls require souls to bond with, to relate with, and to embrace so that even when the world sits heavily on our shoulders, we have someone to share the weight. Souls need souls who can simply say "it'll get better" rather than "I told you so" or "have faith" rather than "there's nothing that can be done" or "I love you" rather than "you're a failure".
Souls need building up and not breaking down. We rely on one another to grow and in the process we learn more, enough to be stand strong even when the world thinks we're wrong. We count on the other to be there when we make mistakes, to not judge and to hold our pieces together when we break. We count on one another to always stay in touch, to never lose the connection, the affection and the constant attention.
We build an understanding, a contract of sorts, to be eachother's person, bound by the tightest of hypothetical knots. Souls don't just read eachothers thoughts, they become one with them, they are a collection of people and vibes, good and bad. Souls carry scars and memories, every pain and every joy, every encounter, every experience, souls are filled to the brim yet hungry, greedy for love. Bare your soul to whomever you will, but be aware you will no longer be a keeper of your own secrets, be aware you've given someone a piece of you, trusting that while holding it close they will not use it against you. Be aware that you are no longer one. You are a part, incomplete without the soul, the one you chose, the one you let in with no second thought, to hold your tired self when the battles are fought.

Even as I warn you, I wish to inform you, there are souls that live to make another feel safe. Appreciate these mates, make them known and loved, show them that you are thankful for their care. Show them, that you will always be there.

I rarely rant, but this had to be done, soulmates are hard to find... I pray you find the right one.

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