Monday, 5 October 2015

Get Real

It's always me,
it's always me giving you chances,
chances to prove yourself, chances to explain,
its always me who falls again and again.
There is always pain,
and nothing else to gain.
It's always you driving me insane.
You always promised I would be your main.
Your prime lover, your favorite name.
But now all we ever do is play the blame game
Nothing's the same.
Am I now just another dame?
I've done this so many times now,
it's like I've learned your tells somehow,
You hold me close and whisper love
you make me feel like your very own turtle dove.
And then in the very next moment you're changing tides
and an ocean of doubt threatens to overflow from my eyes.
You are unpredictable and mostly unsure of yourself,
you're a coward storing my heart on a shelf.
I pray that you see one day
that you have a huge price to pay.
My heart isn't meant to stay that way
and when I'm sick of waiting on you to man up,
I shall dust you off me, and walk away.
Show me you're not who you're proving yourself to be
show me before it's too late,
show me you truly love me.

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