Thursday, 15 October 2015

Together When Apart

Time could have changed us,
time could have diminished what we had,
it could have made me love you less,
it could have brought on a storm of sad.
We could have lost touch,
and never seen each other again,
we could have become strangers,
known not the hows and when.
We could have let go,
of a love we let grow.
we could have broken this bond,
and never been more.
We could have never let this show.
We could have given into the distance,
and walked further away,
time would have healed hearts
but we kept them together anyway.
I believe with all my heart,
what we had and still have is strong,
that between you and me,
Nothing can go wrong.
We've held close till today,
and even though you're far away,
you're a major part of what I've become.
You're a star, an inspiration and then some.
Distance could have made us glum,
to a tiny bit of sadness, I could have succumbed,
but we're different, we're joint at the heart,
you and I are as strong as they come, 
close enough, together when apart. 

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