Wednesday, 21 October 2015


In a world so caught up in connecting online, you may wonder why I would sit here and post something called ‘Un-digitalize’. Who even has the time to hear what I have to say about something they would never think of doing? i.e. Going offline. Well, you’ve reached here, now you might as well give my rant a chance.

I am a geek to say the least, and to put it very plainly, I value the friends and connections I’ve made over the internet. It amuses me how you can be with someone while being alone at your computer and share togetherness while being worlds apart. I felt connected. I felt in-touch.

Bullshit. Don’t let anyone let you believe an online friendship is real. Real togetherness comes from real encounters and real bonding.

We have grown up into an age where the digital world fools us into believing things that don’t exist. We constantly look for acknowledgement and appreciation in the form of  ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ to make up for our lack of self-esteem, thereby feeding our egos to console our insecurities and wherever else we lack in the real world. We’ve taken it to such an extent, that today, even while being in the physical presence of friends, we are online and bonding digitally, while ‘Real Togetherness’ is screaming for our attention.

Sometimes I envy my elders who lived their lives free of technology and the digital world. They were high-spirited, confident and they sought real friendships. They planned picnics to the beach, built sand castles, chased butterflies, played 7 tiles and tag, and spent hours on end with nature and its calming beauty.  They even found their spouses without any help and existence of a digital world because there was nothing more beautiful than spending quality time with a loved one.

They captured memories on cameras without knowing what the hard copy of the photo would look like, they clicked candid pictures that really meant 'candid', and they surely didn’t post it to a forum, hungry for acknowledgement and acceptance. Those were the days when togetherness was about actually spending quality time with the people you love and adore and not face-timing or ‘whatsapp’ing when you live just a few blocks apart.

Take a walk in the park, or simply go watch the sun set over the vast horizon and be sure to share that beautiful moment with a friend. It is the small wonders of nature that move us if we let it. It is my plea to you dear friend, that you get your rear off that seat and go see a friend. Wipe off the dust that’s collected on your people-skills and get to work. You have people to meet, new friendships to make and real togetherness to experience. 

In a world that’s getting more fake by the day, make an effort to build relationships that are real so that you can say you’ve experienced Real Togetherness.


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