Monday, 12 October 2015

Wonder Woman

She's seen it all.
She's watched the worst of them rise
and the best of them fall.
She's may be just about 5 ft tall,
but in her eyes, no challenge is too small.
She may come across as naive,
and often too sweet,
but she is a fighter,
a warrior underneath.
It is in not knowing that I learned her,
in studying her smile that I saw,
she's a walking talking miracle and more
even though, she endures an internal war.
There are some who try hard,
but never get past her shield,
they scratch and claw
but she can see they won't survive her battlefield.
Their determination pales in comparison,
to the constants that made their way in,
those special ones who crept in through the cracks
they're the ones who'll always have her back.
She's a storm in her own right,
she'll love you with all her might,
she'll embrace you lovingly when life becomes night,
she's anything but quiet,
she won't let go without a fight.
And when a loved one fought darkness for life
she was her only light.
She held her hand and all seemed right.
She is angelic, magical, unreal and dear.
She is no stranger to the power of a tear.
She's had a fair share of pain,
but she's grown from there,
never to see those wars again.
She's deep and emotional,
but rightly so,
just when you think she's lagging,
she'll love you even more.
She's a tiny explosion of love,
hitting you just when you need.
There is a fire in her eyes,
an enthusiasm in the air she breathes.
I may not know much,
but I know enough to say,
She's a star in the depth of a dark night,
and I love her,
louder and brighter each day. 

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