Tuesday, 20 October 2015

That Old Grey T-Shirt

Step by step,
one piece at a time,
you separated your things from mine.
You took away whatever you brought,
and slowly took over my every thought.
Your frames and your perfumes,
your make up and your shoes,
every cabinet and cupboard that we shared
now reeked of a single heart, torn and bared.
You packed your clothes and hid the tears
you walked out on me and my silent fears,
you boxed it all up inside
just like the emotions you tried to hide.
You pulled from me, what we tried so hard to build,
I held on tighter than I've ever held before,
but you needed to get out, you needed more.
You simply wanted to go.
For a year now, I thought I had captured your heart,
but surprise surprise, in your handful of obsessions,
I was but a small part,
even though you vowed,
only death would do us part.
You may have undone everything we put together,
you may have taken away all that was yours from mine,
but darling you forget every single time,
our lives have blended together to a point of no return.
You can't take the love away, you can't ignore that burn.
I will fight for you, I will,
my heart will not sit still.

I noticed you came back when I was away,
I also noticed you took a shirt of mine that I had left out yesterday.
If you're lonely, I need you to just say.
I will come get you, bring you home today.
I found the t-shirt you left for me,
the one that smells beautifully of you,
that grey ol' thing you liked to wear at night,
the one I used to tease your skin beneath when I loved you right.
The memory brought me a smile,
the kind I haven't worn in a while.
I felt you near when I brought it close
soft material, soothing, warm, you,
but cold.
I hope when you wear my shirt tonight,
it will remind you that we are bigger than the fight
and maybe, just maybe,
we can make things right.
Come home soon, I miss breathing you
until then, this old grey t-shirt will have to do..

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