Sunday, 2 August 2015

I Hope We Don't Need A Day

You, who've grown with me, learned with me
I thank you for being my first examples of love
taught me what it meant to be a friend
I wish those dozen years never had to end

You who took on the world and flew away
put distance between us, yet managed to stay
you are my ultimate, my everyday
shine bright where you are love, but come home one day.

You who I see every single morning
my sorority sisters, beautiful hearts
you show me what it is to find family in friends
You show me that love never has to end

You that gather with me after sunset
closer to home, love to roam,
you bring joys of the simple kind
you few are hard to find.

You who I make music with,
Our bond is built on an art so unique
you talented bunch are a blessing
the highlight of my every week.

You who I've only just gotten to know
soulmates, dearests, our friendship will grow
You've been here for half a year
get ready for many awesome more

You who I've met through celebrations and fests
we screamed together, danced and sang
I'm glad we allowed ourselves to be more than an acquaintance
we'll forever be a crazy gang

You, who've stood by me through trying times
I thank you for holding my hand
and being my crutch
when my legs failed to stand

You who are my confidants
a five-some of lives for eternity
we may not meet, and may not talk as much
but we'll love until infinity.

You, who've stayed up nights with me
listening to me rant and think out loud
you had a choice and chose me anyway
you are the ones that will always stay

You who've helped me write
who inspire unknowingly with your lives
you are the reason I have words to share
you are the reason my emotions lay bare

You, who send your love from across the seas
I hope that eventually someday we'll meet
We crossed paths virtually because of a common love
and ended up building a bond I'm so proud of.

You, you know who you are
each of you make a difference, whether near of far
I hope my message came through just fine
For I have a variety of friends, and a plethora of rhymes

I pray, my friends, you understand what I had to say
and most importantly, I hope we don't need a day.