Saturday, 29 August 2015

Sleep With Me

We'll lay down together
side by side.
I ask that you let me look into your eyes,
for there is where I see my rest,
there is where my peace lies.
I want our breathing to slow down
and fall,
just like I did, in love.
I know our heartbeats will wake up,
as we fall asleep.
They will be loud in their most silent way,
and they will keep our souls awake.
For when I'm lying next to you, lover,
I need no shelter, no damned cover.
You are the warmth and the comfort
my soul would ever need.
You are my heart-mate indeed.
I wish nothing more than for you to fall into a deep slumber,
under my constant gaze of admiration.
Let your guard down, love,
I will protect you from the bad dreams.
No demon, no hate can touch you,
while your soul rests near love.
No bad can come near you, dear,
I will rid your rest of all restlessness and fear.
I want nothing more than for you to stay near.
I will fall eventually too,
slowly, and then suddenly,  all at once
just like I did, in love, with you.

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