Monday, 31 August 2015


I want to love you.
And love you like the distance between light and sound,
like the second between midnight and morn,
like the sound of the silence at the crack of dawn.

I want to chase after your heart,
like the sea rushes to the shore,
I want to love you some more.

I want to break all dogma that keeps me away.
I want to stay.
I want to say I love you,
and I want you to love me too.
I already know you do.

I want us to walk hand in hand,
leave footprints in the sand.
I want us to have no plan,
and just maybe a slight tan.

I want to stop you on our stroll
and hold
your hand in mine
and then kiss your skin so fine.

I want to be thine
own. Always.
You are my craze.
A blurry haze,
when we kiss.
O but how I love this,
you are my bliss.

But so is ignorance.
I'm ignorant to what they say,
they don't matter anyway.

I want to love you like tomorrow waits for today,
like night chases after day,
and like two lovers lay,
unguarded, bare,
souls alive, breaths to share,
neat love, disheveled hair.

I want to love you,
and never let you feel a tad
lack of care.
I want to fall for you, time and again,
and rhyme again,
and write you poetry,
Be your history,
and your to-be,

Grow old by your side,
in your embrace I want to hide,
in your love I want to reside.
I want to love you like the tide,
so moved by the moon.
I want to love you soon.

Be here, stay mine
I want to love you like red wine,
and never run out of lines,
to tell you "you're extraordinary",
an infinite number of times
in an infinite number of ways
over an infinite number of days.

It is indefinite to be, at all, without you
and so I shall keep you
and promise you one simple thing,
listen and let it ring
in your heart.

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