Sunday, 16 August 2015

I'm Glad You Let It Go

It was crushing you, holding you down under it's power,
making it harder to breathe with every passing hour,
it ate you up inside,
all your beauty felt obliged to hide.
You were falling, deeper into oblivion,
and as much as they tried
to help, and to be by your side,
no one could banish all the tears that you cried.
You were deteriorating, being less than you
and somehow, with time, you managed to break through.
You decided to start anew.
and that, my dear, makes me so proud of you.
I'm glad you found that spirit inside you
I'm glad you reached your soul
and walked away from your monster of a captor 
I'm glad you climbed out of that damned hole!
It was difficult, probably the hardest thing you've ever done
to let go, and look beyond
to leave it behind with the setting sun.
To forget routine and break convention
to leave your old self behind 
and look at you from the eyes of another.
You did it, you saw, you pitied and you changed
you let go of your alien self, isolated it, estranged.
You took a step ahead and then a second
you started a new life before your old would end.
Look at you now, all shiny and new
this is the You I know, this is the real You.
Letting it go was all that you had to do,
I'm proud of you, and you should be proud of you too.
You're worth more than you think you are
Be your best, dear. Moving on was your best decision so far!

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