Monday, 24 August 2015

Forever Thing

She is the sea, that came in at night,
hugged the shore and left too soon.
She took away with her, sands that neared the edges,
overpowered a part of me and turned to leave.
She is vast, mighty, my curse and my boon.
She is the night breezes that knock on my window,
eerily calling out to me to let her in.
as much as I try hard to ignore,
she is sure of her capability, sure she'll win.
She waltzes in and out of my sight
as and when she pleases.
But she is a constant, a promise of always,
an element that never ceases.
She is the bridge between my soul and myself,
she lies between my heart and my head,
she is a hug, enrapturing me with her arms,
she pieces together every broken part
and effortlessly quietens my qualms.
She is the silence of the night,
and the chaos of the day.
She is the noise in the quiet,
and a light for the way.
She pushes me ahead, leaving an old me behind.
I'd recognize that love, even if I were blind.
She is beauty, art and imperfection combined.
Search the world over, but my dear, you will never find
she is one in a million, one of a kind.
She's constantly in my heart and forever on my mind.
She is but an all encompassing 'Always' defined.
She is elegance, grace, charm and mostly,

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