Thursday, 20 August 2015

When I See You Again

When I see you again, I kid you not, love,
things won't be different
You and I may have individually changed
But nothing about 'us' will feel strange
I will look at you and tell you, "you look great"
You'll smile and maybe say the same
I'll pull you into my embrace and show you with arms
that our meet was fate, you came to quieten my qualms
I'll look to you like I'm staring at the stars
and you may just see the sparkle of them in my eyes.
Know then, love, that you are synonymous with things that shine.
You are forever glitter. beautiful, and mine.
When I smile, notice it's realness,
and how I haven't smiled like that for a while
know it's real then, only because of you
know that I haven't, in a while, felt happiness this true.
And when a bout of laughter overtakes me
at a snarky remark you make
know that it's always been you,
with your humor, the one, who takes the cake.
and when we sit down for coffee,
which I'm sure we will,
I'll look over at you, over my mug
and notice your smile, so innocent yet smug
I'll think about how much I missed this,
how much I missed seeing you
and without doubt, you'll say out loud,
"Love, I missed you too."

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