Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Thank You, Love

For the banter and the tease
For the sunset and the breeze
For every memory you gave
and every love letter I saved
For each lingering gaze
and for being my only craze
For the hand-holding
and midnight scolding
For confidence boosts
and pep talks
For morning coffees
and midnight walks
For truth and dares
and creepy stares
For all your love
and extraordinary care
For all that fixed us
and all that kept us apart
for all that tried to teach us
that loving is an art
For whatever reason we couldn't work
For all the things we said to hurt
For every truth we spoke out loud
and every lie that left our mouths
For all the kisses our lips dismissed
For every 'always', and every promise
For every  secret we thought we could keep
and every word that sunk in too deep
For all that we shared over the years
for all the anger and all the tears
I thank you love for being a part
of this jungle gym I have for a heart
I wish you were mine, and mine to stay
but mostly I wish, we'll love again someday.

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