Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Handle with Care

There exists nothing as pure as her.
At least none that I have known.
None that can capture so easily and wind around a finger.
But she, she was pure genius right from the beginning, I bet,
She must have been a marvel from conception,
and grew only to become the most beautiful heart I'd ever met.
Trust me, I know, I loved, and never let it show.
I believe her heart lies with me,
but she sees something in you, and for her, I'll forget me.
She deserves no less than your utmost care and affection
She is delicate, fragile, she is breakable and agile
but for as long as I can remember, she's worn her armor,
made entirely of empathy, love, sincerity and drive.
She's stood strong in the face of trouble and with great stress, dealt
that, in itself, defines her great stealth.
She's angelic on the inside, a warrior out front,
She's outspoken and often too blunt
There will be times when her heart will race,
thump hard against her cage and scream and cry
but you can't let go, you gotta hold on tight.
And the tighter you hold on, the harder she'll fight
until she tires and seeks you out as her refuge, her resting point
And as she rests against you, let her cry
Caress her face gently and listen to her sigh
She won't fight you when she sees you try
so very hard to comfort her soul.
You gotta stay immovable, strong and bold.
And even though she needs no extra strength,
her hearts a storehouse, and she'll need somewhere to vent
She is human, even though she looks God-sent.
She has moments when she wants to be weak
But she'll let you in, it is you, she will seek.
She is no easy task, I must warn you at last,
She will work you up, challenge you, make you sweat
She can be your worst nightmare while still being your best-friend
But whatever happens, she'll make it worth it in the end.
She's picky and fussy, and oh so very smart
She'll take you for a spin and end up dizzying your heart
watch out for that, it's quite the art,
one of her amusing talents, her control over a heart.
She's too confident for her own good,
she knows way more than she should.
She's running and flying, and chasing her goals
if you hold her back, she'll let you go
And if you ever hurt her at all
be it a matter big or small
she's strong enough to show you your place,
but I'll have her back, just in case.
If you've never seen hell break lose, heaven help you,
you'll know what it's like, when, to upset her, you choose.
Above all of this, do make note,
she's a story in the making, unfolding, an anecdote
she'll always surprise you, and always have more in store,
she'll never disrespect you, and she'll hear out every woe.
Keep her heart safe dear boy and treat it never, like a toy.
She belongs and always will, to me.
Yet she's a bird, lovable by all,
beautiful, passionate and free.

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  1. This is one of the best poems I have ever read, and the next thing I am gonna do is follow your blog.
    Keep it up!