Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Calm In The Storm

And when the skies cry out for all the pain
for all the lost love, it stood to gain
I will stand with you, through the storm and the rain
however far you drive me insane
you are shelter from the might of the winds
even when I'm being blown away
you make me believe there is a song in the breeze
you make me believe there is always a way
and when you blend in,
become as strong as the storm
when you become the angry downpour and rain
I wish to feel your pain
I wish to be drenched in you aggressive embrace
I wish nothing than to get into your personal space
You are the storm within me, unsettling and restless
awakening me, like the rains do to the earth
opening my soul to newness and love
You are wild and powerful, yet right
you bring to me, in all of the ruckus, peace and quiet
You are the calm in the storm
when the thunder roars in time with my heart
you shine brighter than the flash of lightning
in a dark windy sky, you are a work of celestial art
the rain's falling hard and noisy against my window pane
my hearts a storm, but sheltered from the rain
you are the storm I wish to throw myself into
you are the calm I wish to gain.

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