Sunday, 12 July 2015

This Is Why I Love You

The world is your playground
you run, you fall, you bruise your knees and elbows
but then you get up and run again.
Wounds turn into scars, and scabs fall off with time
but you're still running, with me, my partner in crime.
This is why I love you
the sky is your canvas, your fingers a drawing tool
you paint the clouds with dreams and visions
you make every artist look like a fool
In your eyes there exists a passion
a glittery sparkle that puts the sun to shame
your hand can heal a hurting heart
and put a smile on the face of the lame
This is why I love you
You are a drop in the ocean, part of the whole
but you fill up my senses, medicine for my soul
Your heart thrives on emotion, on feeling all too much
you accept and understand and absorb and love
and then you give with no hesitation,
you are my dream lover, my turtle dove
You see nothing as simple and laid out
You look deeper until you find your way through
You talk about your heart and what you know to be true
You make loving easy, because you love you
and This is why I love you
You read me like a book, you learn me right
you are my reflection, my mirror, my pride
You see me for the mess I am inside
You make no effort to tidy me up, instead you sit by my side
and we watch the stars go by
This is why I love you
This is precisely why.

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