Saturday, 11 July 2015

Infinite Moment

I had a life and death moment today
and in that split second,
in that tiny spec of a period in all of the world's time
I saw a hundred million things flash before my eyes.
I pictured my mother, and my family
and my extended family of friends.
I pictured the people who said "I'll see you tomorrow",
oblivious that today could have been an end
I spared a thought for my ol' best friend
And cried a little inside for the heart that won't mend.
I whispered a prayer for the people I owed apologies to,
and one for those I had meant to forgive.
I envisioned the 'I Love Yous' that remained unsaid,
the very same ones I often kept trapped in my head.
I pictured a future that would now, never be mine,
one where my soulmate would search for me, but never find.
I replayed the argument from last night,
wanting nothing more now than a smile and a hug tight.
I listened to the voice in my head
that reminded me of all the tears shed
I saw the ones I love and the once loved,
and the love that won
and among all the chaos of the faces I saw
I tried to hold on tight to everyone, good and flawed
and in that moment I prayed to be given just another chance
To complete the incomplete, to give all my love.
I heard that last beat before my heart would never beat again
I took that last breath before I'd never breathe again
and prayed no one else would have to leave the way I do
with words unsaid and feelings hidden too
this was it, I knew.
But I'm here. and I'm writing this
so that you know what you need to do
before that infinite moment meets you. 

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