Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Someday We'll Know

Someday, I'll see it like you do,
Someday, I'll know
why you chose to take a step back
why, of us, you let go.
Someday, it'll make more sense
why it took you all but a matter of seconds
to erect walls around you again
the kind that took me months to break down
the kind that stand tall and sound.
Someday, I will understand why
you look to me these days with less a smile
and more a sigh,
and why loving and being seems too tiring to try,
and why you'd rather sleep it off alone,
than on my shoulder cry.
Someday I'll know why running seemed a better option
than talking it through.
Someday, maybe, I'll explain to you.
Someday, maybe our paths will cross again
hopefully at a time, when emptied of all the pain.
Someday, we'll know what today means,
but for today, we have nothing to believe.
Someday, I'll sit with you and hold your hand
and I hope you'll see then, why I took a stand.
Someday, we may be less, or possibly more than now,
whatever be that day, I will still love you, that's a vow.
Someday when our stars align,
and when we are at peace with each other in heart and mind,
I'll see you again, and in you I will find,
that love was never lost, it was just left behind.
That 'Someday' may still be a while away
but it is a hope that'll never turn sore
a hope, that we are more,
a hope that if not today,
someday, we'll know. 

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